It’s that time again…week 4 of our Dev Diary!

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This week, we’ve re-designed and updated our social media icons in the footer. The others were years old and they needed updating to our new, cleaner style. Here’s a before and after!


Check out those hover effects too! We were having some resolution difficulties due to the animation of the effect, so we re-exported the footer social media icons at a higher resolution to enable us to apply hover effects, viewable in any browser on desktop (but not mobile)

Pretty slick, right?



We’ve also added a new testimonials slider on the homepage, with some updated reviews and opinions from learners and from our partners.

We’ve also added a 2018 at a glance section. What do you think?


We’ve also been integrating our Facebook events onto the page so you can keep up to date with our latest courses, but this may only be a temporary solution…we haven’t decided whether we’re going to keep it like this, change the layout, or change the way it works entirely.

The contact section now has been updated with relevant info and a background image, and you can also direct message us through Facebook if you’re logged in on our contact page.

So that’s it folks! Check back next week for more updates, and let us know what you think of the new features!