Best for Beginners

Adobe After Effects: Basics

What's included:

Getting Started - Overview of Adobe After Effects interface- Project creation and organisation- Frame rate, aspect ratio and quality- Importing assets (images, videos, audio) Basic Animation Techniques - Understanding keyframes- Animating position, scale, and rotation- Layer Order- Introduction to the Graph Editor- Using the Puppet Pin tool for simple animations- Trim Paths- Looping / Time Remapping

Effects and Presets - Overview of built-in effects- Applying and customising effects- Exploring the Effects & Presets panel- Introduction to text animation / basic motion graphics Working with Layers and Masks - Layer properties and blending modes- Introduction to masking techniques- Using adjustment layers for global effects

Locations:North East England, Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Virtual

Best for Advanced Users

Adobe After Effects: Advanced

What's included:

Advanced Animation Techniques - Parenting and expressions- Motion paths and bezier curves- Time remapping for speed and time effects- Lighting effects- Importing more complex assets (i.e. Photoshop or Illustrator files) 3D Space and Camera Animation - Introduction to the 3D workspace- Creating and animating 3D layers- Using the camera to enhance animation- Motion Tracking Advanced Masking and Rotoscoping - Advanced masking techniques- Introduction to rotoscoping- Green screen keying- Advanced motion graphics

Final Project and Exporting - Combining skills learned in a final project- Polishing and refining animations- Reducing project size / removing unused footage- Dependencies (collecting all files - to send or backup projects)- Exporting and rendering options Plugins (Free vs Paid) - Uses and drawbacks- Animation packs and bundles Wrap-up and Q&A - Review of key concepts- Tips for workflow efficiency- Questions and troubleshooting

Locations:North East England, Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Virtual

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