Best for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop: Basics

What's included:

Getting Started with Photoshop - Overview of Adobe Photoshop interface- Understanding the toolbar and panels- Customizing workspace and preferences- Navigating and zooming in/out Basic Tools and Techniques - Selection tools (Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand)- Using the Crop and Transform tools- Understanding layers and their properties- Introduction to the Brush and Eraser tools Working with Layers and Masks - Layer basics: Creating, deleting, and organizing layers- Blending modes for layers- Introduction to layer masks and their applications- Adjustment layers for non-destructive editing

Colour Correction and Adjustment - Using the Colour Balance, Hue/Saturation, and Levels adjustments- Introduction to Curves for advanced Colour correction- Correcting exposure and enhancing contrast- Colour grading techniques Retouching and Restoration - Spot healing and cloning tools for retouching- Removing blemishes, wrinkles, and imperfections- Repairing old or damaged photos through restoration techniques Text and Typography - Adding and formatting text layers- Applying layer styles to text- Creating text effects and typography designs AI & Generative Fill - Uses of AI in Photoshop- How to correctly use it in your projects- Moral and ethical considerations

Locations:North East England, Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Virtual

Best for Advanced Users

Adobe Photoshop: Advanced

What's included:

Mastering Advanced Selections - In-depth exploration of advanced selection tools (Channels, Colour Range, Focus Area)- Techniques for precise and complex selections- Refining selections using advanced masking methods Advanced Layer Management - Grouping and linking layers effectively - Layer styles and advanced blending options - Utilizing Smart Objects for non-destructive editing - Working with layer comps for design variations Advanced Colour Correction and Grading - Using advanced adjustment layers (Selective Colour, Gradient Map) - Mastering the Curves adjustment for intricate Colour adjustments - Colour grading techniques for cinematic effects - Colour matching and grading for consistency Photo Manipulation and Compositing - Advanced retouching techniques for professional portrait editing - Image manipulation through blending modes and layer effects - Compositing multiple images seamlessly - Incorporating 3D elements into 2D compositions

Advanced Text and Vector Graphics - Text effects beyond the basics (3D text, text on a path)- Creating and editing vector shapes and paths- Vector masks and shape layer techniques Advanced Filters and Smart Filters - Utilizing advanced filters for creative effects- Creating and managing Smart Filters for non-destructive edits- Incorporating filter galleries for artistic enhancements Advanced Photo Restoration - Techniques for restoring heavily damaged or aged photographs- Advanced retouching for complex restoration projects Automating Workflows - Creating and using Photoshop actions for automation- Batch processing for efficiency- Introduction to scripting for custom automation Exporting - For Print- For Web- For use in other programmes such as After Effects, Premiere etc.

Locations:North East England, Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Virtual

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