It’s Wednesday, it’s here, you guessed it… it’s our Dev Diary Week 5!

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This week’s major update was an overhaul on the Team section of the website…scroll down to find out some more information and photos of us all! We can assure you that we all hate our photos, so we’re not sure how many of those are going to be a permanent feature…

We’ve also changed the border radius on the images. This makes the corners round on shapes, so we’ve ended up with round team photos and rounded-rectangle blog images.

Speaking of the blog, our days at this specific url may be numbered…we’ve started the process of backing up and migrating the blog away from the site to our blog section on the website – stay tuned over the next week or so for this update. For now, our posts probably will be appearing here still, but soon we’ll be delivering blog content exclusively from the website.

So that’s it for now! Keep checking back over the week for new updates and we’ll be back with a round-up next Wednesday!