What’s in a brand? 

Hey MS followers, as most of you know, we have been trading for more than five years and we have worked very hard to get to where we are today.

Last summer we had a think about having some form of refresh and about possibly altering our branding. However, there was never a discussion about changing the name of ‘Media Savvy’ and we decided we didn’t want to make massive changes.

As a compromise, we decided to drop ‘Training Solutions’ from our trading name and replace with ‘CIC’, which stands for ‘community interest company’. This is the definition of the type of social enterprise we are. We feel that Media Savvy CIC better suits us as a (not-for-profit) company and doesn’t sound as corporate and commercial as Media Savvy Training Solutions.

We have been integrating the new brand change for about 8-months, so we felt it was about time we finally decided to make a small announcement about it and explain ourselves … that is, if anyone has even noticed.

In addition to this, it’s nice to have a name that falls off the tongue a little easier. it will eventually mean we have much shortened email addresses, which we are looking forward to! It will also impact on the name of our brand new website … coming (very) soon!

The website is currently in the final stages of development, by our awesome intern Haythem, so stay tuned and keep an eye for the next blog post.