From Ghosts to Thieves 

After a few days of ‘spooky’ goings on for our tutors out in Ghana, the latest news is that the premises (our Training Academy) where the courses take place in Sunyani have been robbed whilst the guys were out filming.

Dan said:

”Despite these challenges we are resourceful and will continue to deliver our teaching.”

‘We are determined to help our students and make a big success of our first course out here, helping our graduates gain life changing skills.

It is unfortunate that opportunist thieves exist –  the World throughout. On that note, some people here ARE in real poverty and are lacking options, which is one of the main reasons why we are here.

The aim is that our provisions will contribute towards reducing unemployment levels, raise aspirations and help create new enterprise opportunities.

We are disappointed but this only adds to our belief in our project and the determination we have, long into the future. We have learnt valuable lessons and will appoint full time security from here on in, so our friends, family and supporters need not worry.

Ghana and Sunyani in particular has been an extremely positive, friendly, and welcoming place for us and this isolated incident will not detract from that.’