Settling In…

I’m just briefly checking in from Sunyani, Ghana. We (myself and Leon) have been over here for just over a week now and we are pleased to say that, overall, everything is going really well!

It wasn’t ideal that our shipment of equipment didn’t arrive until a week after we expected! However, we are resourceful cats, so we worked around it and have had a fantastic first 4 (of 12) days teaching so far.

We are slowly overcoming the odd cultural barrier and our students are really starting to come into their own. There’s even some fantastic peer explaining taking place and even better, the creative juices are really starting to flow.

Picture: Learning Photoshop

Outside of the long working days, we’ve also managed to find ourselves a local gym, try almost all of the local cuisine and found a few decent spots to relax … we need it, after the ghostly happenings in our accommodation .. but that’s a whole other story!

There’s so many things to talk about, but I promised I’d keep these posts relatively short, so that’s it for now. I’d just like to say thanks for your continued support and please leave us a comment every now and then.

Finally, it’s great to see Media Savvy (UK) are also in full flow too, preparing for next month’s 2SHINE! It really is exiting times for us over here – we just hope all of our hard work and efforts pay off on the long term.