This week is #VolunteersWeek! We’ve been updating our various social media channels with themed content, You’ve heard about what difference our volunteers have made to our tutors, but now it’s time to hear possibly the most valuable message of them all; what our volunteers have to say about volunteering.

Why did you volunteer (with Media Savvy)?

I decided to volunteer with Media Savvy after attending their Level 1 course and seeing first hand how brilliant the course and staff were. ” – Suvad

“I started volunteering January 2015 after completing a course which sparked my recovery.” – Peter

I wanted to try something different to the other volunteering experience I’ve done for other organisations eg. groundworks or as an exercise therapist.” – Anthony

“It was an opportunity to put something positive on my CV, and to gain new skills and learning. It gave my life meaning and motivation and I enjoyed the social and professional aspects of volunteering; I felt I was part of a positive organisation.” – Lesley

What did you get out of volunteering?

From volunteering with Media Savvy i have gained some valuable experience and met some great people. It also encouraged me to enrol on a Level 4 in teaching and educational course, which i am in the process of completing. “ – Suvad

“Volunteering allowed me to build me social and professional skills while learning to fight against my anxiety and depression. I find helping others has a huge impact on my self esteem, confidence and optimism for life in general.” – Peter

Experience in a teaching role and pride in helping someone improve their life through education.” – Anthony

“I became more confident, I learned new skills and I had the opportunity to use existing skills that I might not have been able to do otherwise (listening skills, empathy etc). I had the courage to actively seek employment and was successful in this.

I have been able to turn my negative experiences into something positive.

My mental health has improved, I have met positive, empathic people who have helped me and I have met people who want to change their life and I have been able to help them in the smallest of ways (if only by being a listening ear and encouraging them in their work).” – Lesley

What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering?

I would definitely recommend volunteering with Media Savvy. They are very understanding, friendly and helpful. The opportunities can give you experience and confidence in social situations or getting back into work/education.” – Suvad

“I recommend volunteering to anyone who is ready in their recovery journey – do something you have a genuine interest or passion for or do it for the people you will help along the way to discovering your own potential.”  Peter

To potential volunteers I would say if you have taken part in the courses provided by Media Savvy it’s great to give back and it will help you maintain and refresh ur knowledge in the subject.” – Anthony

“Any opportunity that arises for you grab it and try it- you have nothing to loose but lots to gain. Volunteering does look good on your CV!

The social aspect of volunteering alone is rewarding, confidence building and good for your mental and physical health. The work ethic that comes with volunteering is a good way to get back into work and set you up for paid employment.” – Lesley