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We’re always so busy at Savvy Towers that unfortunately, something always has to give. We make a big effort to keep our social media posts regular, responsive and current BUT despite designing websites for clients, we never seem to find the time to sort our own out! 😂 … we thought that instead of continuing to ‘not’ actually finish our revamped website, why not take this as a perfect opportunity to show you a little behind the scenes of how we’re actually compiling all of the elements and building the new site from the ground up.

As things stand, (if you click on this link) you can see we have a loose framework, however we have lots of pages which are dead links, we still have our have our old branding and wrong address … basically it is in no fit state to show to the world … in ordinary circumstances at least!

All of these issues and many more are scheduled to be addressed and corrected on a weekly basis. You can check in with us every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks to see what new developments we’ve added, and after this we WILL (promise) have a brand new shiny website, with some really exciting new features and a crisp new layout. For example, at week six we’re planning to update our ‘team’ section, so you’ll be able to get to know a little more about everyone over here at Savvy Towers if you don’t already.

We’ll let you know what’s changed via our blog, where we’ll be much more active in future (and not just about our website developments!)

We’d also love to hear what you think each week when you see something new, and if you have any suggestions for content you’d love to see featured on our blog we’d also love to hear from you.

See you next Wednesday, and Happy New Year from all of us at Savvy Towers.