You might be surprised at how many roles are available to you in a wide range of different sectors in your local area, so here’s a little how-to on looking for your next volunteering position.


Do it 1

2. Click ‘start volunteering’.

Do it 2

3. Enter your postcode, add how many miles you’re willing to travel (or tick do it from home) and click search to see all opportunities in your area


Click Advanced search, where you can add in your own interests and skills to find a placement more suited to you

Do it 3

You can then click on the positions that sound appealing to you. Have a read through and see what they entail, and at the end of each listing there will be a section on whether there are any requirements or what availability you’ll need, as well as skills you’re likely to gain and  what interests the role might appeal to.

You can then click ‘register your interest’ if you think that you’d like to give it a try!