What is CSR?

So you might be thinking, what is corporate social responsibility?

Well, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broad term for a company’s efforts to improve society in some way. This could range from implementing environmentally friendly policies and helping the planet, to donating money to charity or sponsoring community events…but it is certainly not limited to this.

CSR is not mandatory, but it can be a great way to, not only help the community, but to improve your business too.

What are the benefits of CSR?

Have you considered that CSR could result in better brand recognition and improve your public image?

Your media coverage could increase.

You could be more likely to attract a range of new talent and retain loyal employees who are likely to work harder (60% of employees who are proud of their company’s CSR are more engaged at their jobs).

You could even save money in operational costs or make new connections with potential partners and investors that you had previously not considered.

This is only a small insight into what CSR could do for you, nevermind what you could do for the community.

I’m sure there must be lots of businesses out there trying to be pro-active with their corporate social responsibility, but struggling to find the appropriate connections? We’d love companies to consider commissioning us at Media Savvy CIC.

So what do we do?

I’d like to firstly confirm:

  • We are NOT a Charity and we do not want a donation or something for nothing
  • We ARE a Social Enterprise (basically just a Ltd company but primarily driven by social objectives)

The main focus of our work will always be providing services to our beneficiaries; mental health service users, ex-offenders, people with learning disabilities to name a few. We are a multi-award winning organisation and for the past 8.5 years we have been accomplishing great things in our local community and across the North East.

Now that the basic introduction is out of the way, back to the CSR pitch … Our team consists of fully qualified, highly talented, professional graphic designers, videographers, illustrators, animators, web designers and even fitness instructors and first aid trainers. We are actually currently redeveloping our website alongside a blog on the progress so anyone can follow the process. Last year we went through our own first major rebrand after 7 years of trading. Below shows a very small overview of some the process undertaken.

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We would love the opportunity to quote/pitch for any work your company may need. We have a track record providing high quality projects for a range of commercial clients including NHS England, Sunderland City Council and Tait Walker Chartered Accountants. See the short animation (below) we created for Tait Walker in 2014.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r55BeVVhfmc”]

We are very confident that if you chose to commission us you would benefit from:

  • High quality final project
  • Excellent customer service and aftercare
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Innovative and creative thinking

and not forgetting …

  • Increasing your company’s CSR and helping us to help make a real difference to a lot of people’s lives through our main, social enterprise-focussed area of work

Please give us a shout if you think think it would be worth having a conversation and thank you for taking the time to read the post.

Check out a few examples below of logos and brand development we’ve completed over recent years.

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