News Release

Sunderland based social enterprise, Media Savvy CIC to release a short film featuring the company’s educational project in Sunyani, Ghana.

The initial costs of the Ghana project were funded by UnLtd, with funds administered via Teesside University. The majority of the equipment used for the project kindly donated by the University of Sunderland.

One key issue the video will highlight, is the importance of media training in Africa and will outline major issues associated with the media industry in the country.

Media Savvy’s Ghana project has been primarily focused on helping Ghanaian school leavers to build digital media skills through an intensive three-week media production course, followed by 5-months of distance learning. The project was also used to create a link between the (Ghanaian) students and the University of Sunderland, where they could have the option of continuing their studies and professional development at a more advanced level.

Dan Makaveli, managing director of Media Savvy CIC said: ‘’The project has been a huge success thus far and everyone, from students to tutors, thoroughly enjoyed it. The documentary aims to showcase the work that we have carried out, demonstrate the great potential for further development of the programme, and also to celebrate the impressive achievements of our Ghanaian students.

It is essential for us to get our message out and find future sponsors who share our passion for education in Africa. We have created some attractive packages and now, with the first course proving to be a great success, we have a proven track record.”

The documentary will show the passion and dedication from Ghanaian students to learning media related skills and will reveal the outstanding results achieved throughout the process.

Joseph Kumah-Mackay, international development manager for Media Savvy Ghana said: ‘’The majority of people in Ghana who work within the media industry have no professional training whatsoever. Media Savvy Ghana takes the digital media learning to a whole new level for the country’s standards.’’

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC_HvG5Hew8&w=560&h=315]